Just Wondering...




Tell me again why I need a Stylist/Coordinator?
Well the honest answer is you don’t, but if you choose to work with me, believe me the decision will pay for itself. Here’s where I say - probably the best decision you’ll ever make, aside from the getting married to your partner bit! Consider your sanity and stress levels my lovely.  Having us on board will take your mind off all those pesky details and provide you with someone there to honestly support you and make the day go to military precision.  

Relationships count for everything in the wedding game. So, use my experience with all the suppliers and vendors to get the most from each team on the day.

I have worked with over 60 couples and everyone has had completely different needs and styles.  Let me communicate your vision to everyone so that your wedding is a wholistic masterpiece.


What is the difference between Planning and Styling? 
I am often asked this question… If you are just wanting someone to source and design, furniture, décor and visual details for your wedding, then you are looking for a stylist. If you are wanting a professional to assist you with the coordination of other elements of your wedding day, such as supplier arrival times then you are seeking a planner.  


Where are you based?
I am based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.


Do you do weddings outside of Melbourne?
Absolutely! I have worked interstate and New Zealand weddings.  I love to travel, and would be honored to join you wherever in the whole wide world you’re planning to celebrate your big day! (I can even help with getting your pets interstate, a very important task).


Do you charge for the initial meeting
Are you kidding? Meeting with you is my pleasure. Hell, I may even buy you a coffee/drink! I want to make sure we’re all on the same page and can work together to achieve the best day ever. 


Do you hire furniture/Props?
I’m all across the sorcery of sourcing. I have a few bits and pieces for hire, mainly smaller things like cake stands, cake knife etc. Check out our hire page. I have plenty of suppliers that will have you covered for whatever look you need. 


But you’re just one person - how can you possibly be everywhere at once?   
Will it just be you on the day?
Depending on your wedding size and venue, I may engage an additional assistant to help solve a current problem in physics which doesn’t allow me to be in two places simultaneously. As all weddings are different I will assess how many minions we need once all your details are at hand.  If your ceremony and reception take place in separate locations, for example, or if your guest count is unusually high, my coordination of your wedding may best be served by bringing in a few of my trusted assistants to be my eyes and ears when needed.


I've read about all of your services, and they sound amazing! But what if we want something else? A little more? A little less? Do you do custom packages?
Why, yes, I do! We can meet somewhere in the middle. I’m all about shaking things up and providing a plan to perfectly meet your needs.


Cats or Dogs?
Dogs! Preferably the squishy face kind, you know the ones that struggle to breathe in the heat and never leave your side. My pug is the boss of the household and I love nothing more than to dress him up in unicorn costumes and suits (he truly owns this). Check him out on our insta feed. 



Why Me?  


I love wedding rebels and I believe that champagne shouldn't be saved for special occasions, or gin for that matter. 

I have a penchant for the pretty and the dangerous.  Not the tightrope walking dangerous, but the badass ideas dangerous. I love nothing more than working with couples who want something different for their big day. I guess it’s my time studying fashion that really kicked this off.

I’ve worked with many brands over my time. In particular, Peter Alexander. This company’s ability to tell stories, create whimsy and bring whole concepts together in a multi-sensory way rubbed off on me. Pulling together themes is completely my thing now.

I guess what you really need to know is that I have the experience, the passion and the eye for style to bring your event together. Team this up with my extreme attention to detail and you can see I have you guys covered completely for the most awesome day of your lives.